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Is It Healthy To Binge Watch An Entire Television Show Series At Once?

635983353436980510-2000061219_bingewatch_banner-1600x720-1600x720It was not that long ago that people had to watch their favorite television shows according to the schedule determined by the network. While recording devices did change that somewhat, that is nothing compared to the change that Netflix has brought to the market.

Today, people can find television shows from previous generations, current series and everything in between to watch at an instant of notice. However, there are some people who are concerned about whether or not this is a good thing for the public to have available.

You might even remember the earlier days of television when it was known as the idiot box. However, nobody calls their technological devices any such derogatory comment these days. But that does not change the reality that most of the television shows that are produced provide no value to the person who is watching it.

While it is true that everyone needs to be able to get a break from the daily stresses of life, binge watching a television show is not the best choice. Instead of participating in a craft or some other activity, the person is mindlessly watching the content. This does not allow for any real stimulation of the mind or spirit.

In fact, when binge watching a show, it is difficult to even keep track of everything that has happened from one episode to the next. It is not uncommon for people to miss little bits of the story here and there that are vital to the entire thing.

If you are interested in finding a healthy way to pass your spare time, skip the television shows in large chunks. This will not better your life in any way and will just zap your energy.

Should Internet Businesses Use Streaming Commercials On Internet Services

1410383738000-Fotor0908181720Running an Internet business, like a NYC SEO company, is a lot more complex than what people think it is. However, when people look at advertising their Internet business they may be tempted to use some of the streaming services to have commercials running on the service. Here are some of the benefits of getting the commercials aired on these services to help business owners make a decision on if they should use the service or not.

With a lot of these services the commercials are ones that people are unable to fast forward through or skip. Since they cannot do this it basically means people are going to be made to watch the ads. By having people watch the ads, they are going to have a better understanding of the business and what it is doing, but also have a chance of getting traffic from the ads by a simple click.

The return on the investment with these videos is going to be something that people are going to want to explore. A lot of times they are going to be paying for the views based off of every one thousand. By getting the cost for every one thousand views it will be easier for people to know if they are making money or not because they will have a better chance to evaluate the ads effectiveness.

An Internet business is a great way to make a living. However, advertising the business can be quite a challenge for people. This is when people should know more about the benefits of and if they should be using the streaming commercials on Internet services or not. By knowing facts on these benefits it is easy for people to see this is a great option for them to use to get more customers to their business.

Why wouldn’t you want to advertise on a platform that makes hilarious commercials like this:

Top OS on Hulu

Netflix was originally for movies while Hulu was original for TV shows. Now Hulu has expanded to have their very own Original Series (OS). For those who just use Hulu to catch up on an episode they missed live are really missing out on some high quality entertaining programming. If you’re going to spend $7.99 a month, you might as well also watch some original content. Here’s a list of the best OS on Hulu.

Casual – Comedy
The Path – Drama
The Mindy Project – Comedy (Seasons 4 and 5)
RocketJump The Show – Documentary

You can watch the trailer for The Path here: